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The common question is: why?
The common answer is: because it's there.

This is disingenuous. It's not because it's there; it's because we are here. We don't do this for the rock's benefit. Rock climbing is a special and unique thing; it's an interaction between one's self and the environment... and between one's self and one's fears. That is often the greatest hurdle.

Climbing can be used as a personal barometer for what one can achieve; if you can scale a wall, then, seriously? What can't you do? Rock climbing is about problem solving, quelling fears, and ultimately, reward. There is nothing at all quite so satisfying as summiting a challenging climb; as solving the sequence that, just moments ago, was beyond you.

Why do we do it? Not because it's there.
We do it because we can.


Previously a gym-rat in Baltimore, Steve's passion for climbing brought him out west where he's thrown himself at every surface with a vertical inclination. His climbing has taken him throughout the US from Moab to the New River Gorge, from Pennsylvania to Tennessee; additionally, he spent three weeks in the French Alps. One of the aspects of guiding that Steve enjoys the most is being able to introduce people new to the sport to the exhilaration and empowerment of rock climbing.“This is the most visceral form of puzzle solving... it's not so much about power as it is balance and presence of mind.”

He also enjoys sharing his enthusiasm [zealotry] with people he wouldn't normally meet, whether they're new to the sport, or experienced climbers visiting the area.
When not climbing, Steve can be found mountain biking, trail-running, and conditions permitting, barreling down a hill with boards strapped to his feet.

Steve Thomas

Senior Climbing Guide


Front Range Climbing Company – Colorado
Half Day Prices (4 Hours):

1 Person: $165
2 People: $125 each
3 People: $105 each
4 People*: $95 each

Full Day Prices (6 Hours):

1 Person: $195
2 People: $145 each
3 People: $135 each
4 People*: $125 each

*Groups of more than 4, please email or call for a quote.

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Rock Climbing Frequently Asked Questions

Is the company you are climbing with properly permitted and insured?

Permits are required on all properties upon which trips are guided. With permits come the required insurance policies.

Should I tip my guide?

It's encouraged. As tradespersons in the service industry, climbing guides work for tips and they are greatly appreciated. The amount is left up to the individual, generally based on quality of experience, but as a general practice, 10% - 20% of the trip cost is common. However, it can not be stressed enough that tips are neither required or solicited.

What's the difference between traditional and sport climbing?

Traditional, or 'trad' climbing is using protection that doesn't effect or change the rock – stoppers, cams, hexes... – things that can be removed following the climb. Sport climbing is using fixed gear, such as pitons or expansion bolts, to protect a fall.

What do the grades mean?

The scale is in 5 classes:
• Class one: walking an area where there is little chance of falling/stumbling
• Class two: navigating obstacles; simple scrambling
• Class three: ascending a grade where it may be necessary to use one's hands
• Class four: simple climbing where there may be some exposure; possibility of fatality in the event of a fall
• Class five: technical climbing often using rope, harness, and other means of protection. Fifth class is further segmented into a decimal rating between 5.0 and (currently) 5.15c

If I want to start climbing on my own, what equipment do I need (minimum)?

That depends on the degree of climbing...
• bouldering: shoes would be the minimum. A crashpad and chalk would be recommended.
• wall climbing, all one needs is the shoes, a harness and belay device, a rope and an anchor.
An intro to rock climbing class would be beneficial to anyone looking to get into the sport.

What is 'free climbing'?

Free climbing means ascending the wall using only one's own power; that is, not 'aiding' up the wall. Free climbing is often confused with 'soloing', which is climbing the wall without rope or belay.


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• Comfortable sturdy shoes and additional layers.
• Sun protection
• Food to keep you fueled
• Water: 1 to 2 quarts is recommended.

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